Centro Equestre Vale do Lima

Itinerary 1 - “Eco Trails by Lima’s River”

Duration: 5 days/ 4 nights
Difficulty level: Medium
Type and number of accommodation: House tourism or Hotels; 1 house or 1 hotel for all the program.
Type of horses used: Portuguese horses - Lusitano, Garrano, Sorraia and Portuguese Cross Breed.

1st Day
Arrival to Ponte de Lima.
Knowing the accommodation; choice of the horses and recognition of the area.

2nd Day
The journey of day one, connects the protected area of the lagoons “Lagoas de São Pedro D’Arcos e Bertiandos”, to Ponte de Lima.
All the trail is done in Eco Trails, always by small rivers and Lima’s river; nice shadowy paths with circulation only allowed by horse, walking or by bike.
The arrival to Ponte de Lima, the Oldest Village in Portugal, is made crossing the Roman 3rd Century Bridge, after passing the Nautical Club - a one of a kind experience that will make you feel centuries back!
Points of Interest: This Eco Trail’s course is a privileged access to the protected landscape of “Lagoas de São Pedro D’Arcos e Bertiandos”. Furthermore, it passes through the monument tribute to Amalia Rodrigues and the International Garden Festival.

3rd Day
The journey of day two is, starting in the Roman 3rd Century Bridge of Ponte de Lima - in front of the Camões Square, going down to the Alameda of Saint João and continuing in the upstream direction; on the path it will be found St. John’s Chapel, the route of weirs, that starts right on the bank of river Lima.
This route extends along the left bank of the river joining the urban center of the two villages in Minho, Ponte de Lima and Ponte da Barca.
The course is tapped from the many rural paths of the river, pre-existing, where there has been significant improvements and some entirely new areas, including the bridges crossing the tributaries of Lima, the floor on clay, the cobblestones in recreational areas and wooden boardwalks.

4th Day
The journey of day 4 starts in the Roman and Medieval bridge of Ponte de Lima - in front of the Camões Square, cross to the other side and turn right before the church. Scroll through the Arnado Park and you will find a metal bridge over the river Labruja; the route starts right there.
This course of Eco Trail, parallel to the course of before, traverses the right bank (north) of the Lima’s River, connecting Ponte de Lima to the Parish of Refóios of Lima. It begins at the Theme Park Arnado, and the trail goes for more than five kilometers always along the waterfront edge, ending at Wharf of Garrida in, Refóios of Lima.
Points of interest:
Early on, the Arnado field and on the banks of the Lima River, there are several points of interest. The religious heritage featuring of Minho, Theme Garden, the Portuguese Toy Museum and the Hostel for pilgrims, the river beach and Arnado the recreation area.
Next, cross the metal bridge over the River Labruja and will find another picnic area and Observation Post of the Lima River. Continue to the Wharf Garrida and enjoy the scenery provided by the banks of the River Lima.

5th Day
Fairwell to Ponte de Lima! Day spent by the Historical Ponte de Lima and by the Equestrian Center “Centro Equestre Vale do Lima”, observing Lusitanos’ work, having nice food and wine and, perhaps, having a more advanced class of Dressage or Working Equitation, on a Lusitano!