Centro Equestre Vale do Lima

Portugal rises to all podiums in Ponte de Lima


From 14th to 20th August Ponte de Lima received the Horseball World Cup in Pro-Elite, Women and U16.

There were about 300 horses and athletes in a competition that, once again, honors Portugal and the region. Over several days, the one that is considered the most old village of Portugal, had its streets full of people and activity, creating a very positive dynamic.

Several thousand foreigners visited Ponte de Lima for a week full of emotions and positive energy.

During the Equestrian Gala, on 18th August, Ponte de Lima awarded the prize for Best Horseball Destination by the International Federation of Horseball.

The Horseball World Cup finals were on 20th August and France rises up to the podium, winning the 1st place, in Pro-Elite, Women and U16.

Like France, Portugal could be present in all the podiums of this competition, winning the Bronze Pro-Elite and the Silver in Women's and U16.

The Horseball World Cup came to affirm and enhance, once again, the already considerable curriculum "Ponte de Lima, Intenational Equestrian Destination" and exceeded all expectations of the organization.